A key component of skincare products are the active ingredients, the components that help to restore the skin's optimal wellness and appearance. Active ingredients help to boost your skin's ability to combat and reverse the damages of external aggressors, and are an important part of your daily beauty regime.

A product’s efficacy is based on how well it is formulated to target a specific area. Combining multiple ingredients not only helps decrease irritation, but also provides multiple benefits. Nonetheless, seeking complementarity when associating ingredients is key.

No single ingredient has a monopoly.

At Symbiosis, our dermatologists have researched for many years ingredients that work in tandem without mitigating the effects of one another, but rather mutually reinforcing each other efficiency and performance. It is imperative more than ever to rethinking products fuelled with ingredients that are compatible and work in synergy with your skin. The main ingredients we use are gathered in our chart of beauty elements presenting the most cutting-edge actives over the last decades. Two actives will always be associated supporting the health of your skin by reinforcing its regenerative journey.

Symbiosis Beauty Elements