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Let's dive into the world of skincare with Mila, our Social Media Manager. She's sharing her top skincare recommendations and personal favorites from Symbiosis. In this blog post, we'll embark on a journey through Mila's skincare favorites. Get ready to discover her go-to products and why they've earned a place in her daily regimen.

When you have time, what is your realistic morning ritual?

Mila lives about a 40-minute walk from the office, so a perfect skincare ritual is saved for the weekends. But when she gets the time, she starts by double cleansing her face as she is prone to having more oily skin. For that, she uses our Purifying & Redensifying Cleansing Gel, to decongest her skin and have a fresh base to work with. Following this, she does a press-and-release motion when applying her Hyaluronic Acid, letting the skin absorb all of the oil, and then continues with a toner to balance her skin's PH.

What is your non-negotiable skincare step and what do you splurge on?

The Daily Defence Youth Revive Moisturiser, especially as we move into the colder months, moisturising has become an essential step for her to avoid her skin drying out. She is also conscious that the skin can be damaged by UV rays in fall/winter, so the fact that it also has SPF20 is a bonus.

What’s your favourite skincare trend at the moment?

All over social media, she is seeing ‘facial inspired skincare’ - it's essentially products that mimic professional facials at home. She really loves the At-Home Spa Range from Symbiosis, but especially the Anti-Oxidising & Lifting Face & Neck Mask. It is something she wouldn't have normally considered an essential but since it's been trending and storming the internet it’s become a crucial step in her skincare routine. For Mila, there is is no better feeling than knowing that she is treating her skin perfectly.

What’s your fall beauty must-have?

As the days become a little darker, and the sunlight is lacking, she gravitates towards a vitamin C serum or cream. She has begun using the Remodelling Eye Expression Cream, as it helps with her dark circles and retains her skin's summery glow. 

We hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into her skincare world and found inspiration to embark on your own path to healthy, radiant skin. Remember, the journey to great skin is uniquely personal, and with the right products and guidance, it's within reach for all of us. Stay tuned for more beauty tips and insights from the Symbiosis team in the future!

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