How to Treat Hormonal Irritation!


Blemishes: how to treat them the best way!

Our hormones are constantly changing. De-stress your skin from hormonal changes with Skincare is possible, it is important to keep your skin clean and hydrated to combat fluxes in hormone levels. 

Hormonal imbalances can happen for a multitude of reasons, whether triggered by external factors such as environmental stressors or bodily changes such as reproductive cycles. 

Sebaceous Glands:

Sebaceous glands produce and emit sebum which contributes to oily skin. These glands are extremely reactive to hormonal changes in the body. Puberty causes the sebaceous glands to get bigger, producing more oil in the skin. 

Symbiosis Blemish Clarifying DUO Moisturiser is ideal for oily skin, this day and night moisturiser absorbs into skin quickly, contributing to targeting blackheads and oiliness while calming dryness and irritation to leave skin smooth and comfortable with reduced shine.  

Monthly Cicle:

Our monthly cycles have a huge effect on our skin, often causing us to break out the week before. It produces high levels of androgens and lowers oestrogen levels which generates oilier skin. 

Sebum can build up in pores clogged by dead skin cells, causing blockages which result in blemishes or acne breakouts. 

Developed specifically for those experiencing breakouts, Symbiosis Post-Blemish Retexturing & Repairing Serum offers a gentle hydrating formula that helps clear blemishes without inducing dryness or irritation.


Menopause causes many changes in the skin due to lower levels of oestrogen. 

We dedicated this topic an entire blog post, read more here.

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